Kambal Pandesal Inclusions


  • Two Deck Gas Baking Oven
  • Spiral Mixer 12.5kg
  • Stainless working table
  • Cooling Rack 24 Layers
  • Bread Display Case
  • Proofing Rack (2 columns @ 24 Layers)
  • Complete Set of Equipments & Supplies
  • 5 Bags of pan de sal mix
  • Marketing Materials (tarps & fliers)
  • Acrylic Store Signage
  • E-Loading Business FREE registration

Equipments & Supplies

  • Starter Kit
  • 40pcs. Aluminum Tray
  • Weighing Scale
  • Measuring Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Filled Bread Prep Tools
  • Containers
  • Hand Gloves
  • Food Tongs
  • Packaging Materials
  • Office Supplies
 Equipment_1  Equipment_2
 Equipment_1  Equipment_2
 Equipment_1  Equipment_2
 Equipment_1  Equipment_2


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