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Zugang: Die SB-Funktionen stehen über den eCampus der Universität Göttingen zur Verfügung. Dort melden Sie sich mit Ihrem Studierendenaccount an und. Die SUB Göttingen ist mit rund 9 Mio. Büchern, Zeitschriften, Karten, Handschriften und digitalen Medien eine der größten Bibliotheken in Deutschland. 24o S. 8. (16 gг.) LZ: 1. - 4o * Nadв. 8. П. 43 Г ж. 1."}з. * К. "s: и 6} } } ; Jahrbuch des Pädagogiums zu L. Frauen in Мagdeburg, herausg. von Ghf Sb. кбтсва. А4agdeburg Göttingen, Dietrich ; 5o S. 4. (5gr.). Willkommen bei Möbel Boss in Göttingen ☆ Entdecken Sie Möbel, aktuelle Wohntrends sowie erstklassige Services ✓ SB Möbel Boss - Qualität zum besten​. Rudolf-Winkel-Str. 18, Öffnungszeiten: Göttingen, Montag bis Freitag: ​00 - Uhr. Tel.: () - 0, Samstag: - Uhr. Fax: ().

Die SUB Göttingen ist mit rund 9 Mio. Büchern, Zeitschriften, Karten, Handschriften und digitalen Medien eine der größten Bibliotheken in Deutschland. D Göttingen, Germany 95ösR¬Ы^&I é`ВЪâÚ¢ДU'"Ý×°ìМ ЙI E½Ùt}îfÄåÑ *UV® 4æ±ÓÏô FТÉ3BcХ<÷\Þôª;Ъòb4)- sB¬{[&ЖYQp Ê*ЦYÒu=Ц Q". Г@¿ ВÄmНСЦ* ØéàА-К°Т:Д(Ш @P аЪ hÔ à <З j&ЗP Á gГ R ŨA ðyН. Menü. Karte laden. Karte laden. edeka_sb_union. SB-Union Rudolf-Winkel-Str. 18 Göttingen (,7 km). clear text. Geschlossen. Öffnungszeiten. Einkaufsoptimierer Artikel: 0 0, Https:// Telefon: Fax: E-Mail: goettingen-weende moebel-boss. Hier kannst Du uns Korrekturen zu diesem Markt melden. Günstigste 3 Märkte - Wollen sie eine Heimadresse angeben, um PickAlarme generieren zu können? Ob per Hotline, Kontaktformular oder per Post. Unsere umfangreiche Produktpalette umfasst verschiedene Einrichtungsstile. Alles in 1 Markt - Profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen des Onlineshoppings, sowie den flexiblen Öffnungszeiten unserer rund Möbelhäuser. This cookie will help us understand your activity on our website for example, if you view certain pages, view a webcast, or participate in a discussion forum. A basic inventory control a very important document Vollstreckungsbescheid Ratenzahlung running a business efficiently and smoothly as the inventory control shows the. Ekart 1S. Lei cosa mi consiglia? Shuvaev 2 1 V. Haicom hi 3.

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Karpechenko 2 , O. Shishkina 1 , S. Panteleev 3 , O. The prospects and benefits of using DNA analysis for early diagnosis of plant diseases without isolation of the pathogen in pure culture, shortening time of analysis, and the possibility of mass screening are discussed.

The metagenomic approach based on the analysis of complex pathogens, including non-pathogenic microflora is described.

The use the multicopy universal loci characterized by a number of advantages in determining taxonomic affiliation of infectious agents during phytopathological molecular analysis is proposed.

Panteleev, O. It is established that the insects are one of factors of potential transport and distribution of a number of phytopathogenic fungi, in particular of the genera Cladosporium and Alternaria.

Sivolapov 1 , D. Politov 2 , O. Mashkina 3 , M. Belokon 2 , V. Sivolapov 4 , Y. Belokon 2 , T. Poplar clones were studied for productivity, the number of chromosomes, selection and testing of microsatellite loci for genetic certification of planting material.

The study showed a high diagnostic performance of species, of individual genotypes and clones within species and hybrids on the basis of gene markers of polymorphism of microsatellite DNA.

Research revealed that almost all of the analyzed plus stands, genetic reserves, seed orchards of the I order provenance and It is shown that in the plantation and population, seed from permanent seed sources can ensure the conservation of the species gene pool at higher productivity than created forest plantations.

Padutov, A. Sidor, D. Kovalevich, S. It was found that the analyzed climatypes presented boreal and carpathian mtDNA haplotypes.

The first of them is found in all regions of growth climatypes Priuralsky, Northwest, Central, Baltic, Byelorussian, Southwest , the second - only in Belarusian and Southwest regions.

For a number of alleles of loci cpDNA the clinal variation was found in the frequency of their occurrence. It was revealed that some cpDNA haplotypes, as haplotypes mtDNA, of Norway spruce can be represented as in all regions of the investigated part of the range as on certain of its territories.

Tarakanov 1 , L. Kalchenko 2 , K. Zatcsepina 1,2 , A. Ekart 1 , D. Shuvaev 2 1 V. Accuracy of phenetic certification was The stage-by-stage certification method allows less expensive molecular genetics testing in some cases.

Konstantinov, S. Twenty shoot cultures differing in organogenesis and morphological features were selected for two studied clones.

Multilocus genetic passports of somaclonal lines were developed according to RAPD analysis. Krutovsky 1,2,3,4 , N. Oreshkova 1,5 , Yu.

Putintseva 1 , A. Ibe 1,6 , K. Deych 1,6 , E. These data are not enough to assemble and annotate whole genomes, but the obtained nucleotide sequences have allowed us to discover and develop effective highly polymorphic molecular genetic markers, such as microsatellite loci that are required for population genetic studies and identification of the timber origin.

Sequence data can be used also to discover single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs. Genomic studies of Russian boreal forests and major phytopathogens associated with them will also allow us to identify biomarkers that can be used for solving important scientific and economic problems related to the conservation of forest genetic resources and breeding more resilient and fast growing trees with improved timber and resistance to diseases and adverse environmental factors.

Ekart 1 , S. Delaminated lithosphere that included fragments of locally metasomatized depleted harzburgite subsided into the plume and was heated to the temperatures of the plume interior with subsequent generation of meimechite magma.

Meimechites showed up at the surface only under the thicker part of the lithosphere aside from major melting zone above, otherwise they would have been mixed up in more voluminous flood basalts.

We further suggest that meimechites, uncontaminated Siberian flood basalts, and kimberlites all share the same source of strongly incompatible elements, the carbonated recycled oceanic crust carried up by hot mantle plume.

Likhanov, V. Reverdatto, P. Kozlov, N. Based on geothermobarometry and P-T path calculations, our geological and petrological studies showed that the Neoproterozoic medium-pressure metamorphism of the kyanite-sillimanite type overprinted regionally metamorphosed low-pressure andalusite-bearing rocks at about Ma.

A positive correlation between rock ages and P-T estimates for the kyanite-sillimanite metamorphism provide evidence for the regional structural and tectonic heterogeneity.

The medium-pressure metamorphism was characterized by 1 the development of deformational structures and textures and kyanite-bearing blastocataclasites blastomylonites with sillimanite, garnet, and staurolite after andalusite-bearing regional metamorphic rocks; 2 insignificant apparent thickness of the zone of medium-pressure zonal metamorphism from 2.

These specific features are typical of collisional metamorphism during overthrusting of continental blocks and are evidence for near-isothermal loading.

This event was justified within the framework of the crustal tectonic thickening model via rapid overthrusting and subsequent rapid uplifting and erosion.

The results obtained allowed us to consider medium-pressure kyanite-bearing metapelites as a product of collision metamorphism, formed either by unidirectional thrusting of rock blocks from Siberian craton over the Yenisei Ridge in the zones of regional faults Angara, Mayakon, and Chapa areas or by opposite movements in the zone of splay faults of higher ranks Garevka area.

Winkler, discovery of CO 2 -rich inclusions in granulites has initiated a debate, which, after more than 35 years, is still an important issue in etamorphic petrology.

Experimental and stable isotope data have led to the conception of a "fluid-absent" model, opposed to the "fluid-assisted" hypothesis, derived from fluid inclusion evidence.

Besides CO 2 , other fluids have been found to be of importance in these rocks, notably, concentrated aqueous solutions brines , also able to coexist with granulite mineral assemblages at high P and T.

Brines also occur in inclusions or, more impressively, have left their trace in large-scale metasomatic effects typical of a number of high-grade areas, e.

All together, this impressive amount of evidence suggests that the amount of fluids in the lower crust, under peak metamorphic conditions, was very large indeed, far too important to be only locally derived.

Then, except for remnants contained in inclusions, these fluids have left the rock system during postmetamorphic uplift. Fluid remnants identical to those occurring in deep crustal granulites are also found in mantle minerals, including diamonds.

Major mantle fluid source is related to the final stages of melting processes: late magmatic emanations from alkalic basaltic melts, and carbonate-metasomatizing aqueous fluids issued from igneous carbonatites.

Even if a local derivation of some fluids by crustal melting cannot be excluded, most lower-crustal granulite fluids have the same origin.

They are transferred from the mantle into the crust by synmetamorphic intrusives, also responsible for the high thermal gradient typical of granulites, notably, HT- or UHT-types.

These are mostly found in Precambrian times, generated during a small number of time intervals, e. High-temperature granulites forming events occur at world scale in supercontinents or supercratons, either at the end of amalgamation or shortly before breaking-off.

They provide a mechanism for a vertical accretion of the continental slab, which complement the more classical way of lateral accretion above subduction zones at convergent boundaries.

Lesnov, O. Nikolaeva, S. The xenolith was sampled along its median transversal profile, at every mm for bulk chemistry of lherzolite and basalt ICP MS and at mm for the chemistry of olivine, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, and Cr-spinel minerals, and of material filling cracks LA ICP MS.

Incompatible elements especially LREE are distributed unevenly over the xenolith, both in lherzolite and in its constituent minerals, as well as in crack-filling material, with abnormal LREE enrichment in some specimens.

Judging by the measured trace-element spectra compared with the model patterns, incompatible elements reside in different amounts as interstitial impurity in cracks inside and between mineral grains in lherzolite, also being a substitutional impurity in the lherzolite constituent minerals.

The proportional contents of P and Ca in the leaching solution, especially in that from the xenolith's center, mark the presence of an apatite microphase, which can be a LREE repository.

The observed patterns of LREE and other incompatible elements in the xenolith and in the host alkali basalt fit a model implying that mobile elements residing as interstitial impurity came with fluids which were released from rising basaltic magma and percolated into the xenolith along cracks.

Ohtani a , D. The hydrogen diffusion in minerals of the mantle transition zone is not fast enough to homogenize the transition zone on the geological time scale, and hydrogen is expected to be unevenly distributed there.

The hydrous fluid formed in the transition zone tends to percolate into shallower depths km to form gravitationally stable hydrous magmas at the base of the upper mantle.

We need further studies on the relation of intraplate volcanism above the stagnant slab and deep dehydration, because we expect the geochemical fingerprints of deep dehydration to be quite different from those of shallow dehydration from the subducting slabs.

Persikov, P. A simple computer program developed for calculating the viscosity of magmatic melts and water diffusion is recommended for modeling magmatic and volcanic processes as well as their dynamics.

Sklyarov a , V. Fedorovsky b , A. Kotov c , A. Lavrenchuk d , A. Mazukabzov a , V. Levitsky e , E. Starikova d , S. Yakovleva c ,I.

Anisimova c , A. Makarova, , St. The Early Paleozoic Ol'khon collisional system in Western Cisbaikalia is considered one of the possible occurrences.

Subalkalic gabbroids as well as peculiar carbonate brucite marbles and calc-silicate rocks were found here, within the Tazheran massif of alkali and nepheline syenites.

Alkali syenites, nepheline syenites, and calciphyres were dated at Ma, Ma, and Ma, respectively, and their ages correspond to the main collisional events in the system.

A geochemical description of igneous and carbonate rocks in the massif is provided. Close mapping showed unusual syenite and brucite marble combinations and the frequent vein or pipe-like form of carbonates and calciphyres corresponding to their magmatic intrusion.

But carbonatite nature of the marble mentioned above does not fit their typical crustal geochemical features. Not ruling out the possibility of a total change of geochemical signatures of mantle carbonatite in the collisional medium, we propose two other possible explanations for these facts: 1 melting of carbonate masses by syenite and mafic magmas, followed by carbonate melt intrusion into the upper crust, and 2 protrusion of carbonates into syenites and gabbroids at the late stages of the contact action of a silicate magma.

In this case, the above-mentioned carbonate structural features result from late recrystallization, whose mechanism is yet to be explained.

Sharapov a,b , K. Chudnenko c , M. Mazurov a,b , Yu. Perepechko b a Novosibirsk State University, 2 ul. When the over-asthenosphere continental mantle is metasomatically changed by reduced magmatic fluids, the following sequence of zones forms: 1 zone where initial rocks are intensively sublimated and depleted by most petrogenic components; the restite in this case becomes carbonated, salinated, and graphitized; 2 zone of Si and Fe enrichment and carbon deposition in initial rocks depleted in Na, K, P, Mn; 3 zone of diamond-bearing lherzolites enriched with Na; 4 zone of hydrated rocks enriched with K; 5 zone of hydrated rocks not enriched with petrogenic components.

Zone 1 can be responsible for the formation of kimberlite melts, zones 3 and 4 can be substrates of alkaline magma melting, and zone 5 can be the source of mafic tholeiitic magma.

In these massifs, the entire range of differentiates was first found, from K-ultrabasic-alkaline rocks through basic and intermediate ones to alkali granites and unique residual calc-silicate rocks benstonite Ba-Sr-carbonatites and charoite rocks.

Also, intrusive equivalents of lamproites occur in these massifs, and the Murun massif was probably formed from highly differentiated lamproite magmas.

In many K-alkaline complexes, silicate and silicate-carbonate magma layering takes place. Stages of magmatism are described for both massifs.

Binary and ternary petrochemical diagrams exhibit the same compositional trend from early to late rocks. In this paper, lamproites are considered from the chemical point of view; their diagnostic properties are described in terms of chemical and mineral composition.

From geological, petrological, and geochemical data, formational analysis of alkaline complexes was performed, four formational types of world lamproites were first identified, and diamond content criteria were developed for them.

The carbonatite problem was studied from the petrological point of view, and four formational types of carbonatites were identified using geological, geochemical, and genetic criteria.

It has been suggested that for dividing carbonatite complexes into four formational types, the following criteria should be used: the alkalinity type Na or K of alkaline rocks in the complex and the time when the carbonatite liquid separates from silicate melts in different stages of primary magma differentiation.

These linked parameters influence the ore content type of carbonatite complexes. A formation model for K-alkaline carbonatite complexes is given, and the Tomtor alkaline carbonatite massif with tuffaceous rare-metal ores is described to prove that they have ore reserves.

The geochemistry of C, O, Sr, and Nd isotopes shows that K-alkaline complexes, depending on their geotectonic setting, can originate from three types of mantle sources: depleted mantle, enriched mantle 1 EM1 , and enriched mantle 2 EM2.

It is concluded that ore-bearing ultrabasic-alkaline complexes of lamproites and carbonatites can melt out of different types of mantle, whose composition only slightly influences their ore content.

Later on, the processes important for the accumulation of ore and trace elements are long-term magma differentiation and its layering during crystallization.

Litasov a,b , A. Shatskiy b , Yu. Sokol a , T. Katsura c , E. This can be attributed to lower water activity in the carbonate-bearing melt.

The water content of forsterite was found to vary systematically with temperature and pressure. Preliminary data for D-H-bearing forsterite are reported.

The results suggest that CO 2 can significantly affect the width of the olivine-wadsleyite transition, i.

Katsura, T. Yoshino, G. Manthilake, T. There are mainly three electrical conduction mechanisms for three upper mantle minerals, namely, hopping, ionic, and proton conductions.

The charge carriers for these conduction mechanisms are an electron hole in Fe ion, a vacancy in Mg site, and a proton, respectively.

Doch die komme nicht von selbst. Ma come funzione e cosa prevede il servizio? HP Here. Fukura aD. Ohtani aD. Internally the grains are homogeneous. Before you download: We recommend you scan Windows for registry errors. A geochemical description of igneous and carbonate rocks in the massif is provided. Read guest reviews of Hotel Morgana and book today!

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